I’m feeling a bit like a bear coming out of hibernation. That analogy would make more sense if it wasn’t fall, but the point is I’ve been a little out-of-pocket lately. Some of that is good stuff, some of it normal life things. Let’s talk about the good stuff! I’m working hard on some edits of Cloud Nine, and am close to being done. It’s looking extra shiny these days, and I really can’t wait until you guys get to read it.

This month has been a bit travel heavy for me. I spent the first week of October in New York City. It was for my day job, but somehow I managed to fit in a lunch with my agent (I still love saying that) and a visit to the Heroes & Heartbreakers offices. Also, there was food.

I think I’ve crossed the age threshold where food is my primary goal when traveling. For example, every time I go to Santa Fe, I have to indulge in green chile enchiladas. I have favorite restaurants there. My husband and I went to Phoenix last week to visit family and ended up doing the must-eat restaurant thing. My father-in-law joked that we don’t know how to get to his house from the airport without going through Four Peaks.

If you’ve never been, Four Peaks in Tempe is a must if you’re visiting the Valley of the Sun. It’s a local brewery with great pub food and a pretty epic patio. I’m fairly certain my husband Instagramed every beer he drank there. Whatever that tells you.

And your final random update: My wrist injury is still healing, but I was just cleared for modified workouts. You know what that means? I’ll be brainstorming some more Write Like A Fighter posts soon. My training while injured made me the Queen of Leg Day, which means my roundhouse kicks are exceptional, but I haven’t punched a bag in four months. Very excited to get back to it, and maybe be grappling by Christmas. (Nothing says happy holidays like triangle headlocks, am I right?) If you have any specific questions for the fight scene posts, please email me. I’m happy to give answers (or get them for you)!

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