If you’ve found your way to this blog you probably already know I love scenes that pack an emotional punch. You’ve probably also picked up on that I like a good fight scene and am delighted to point you to the best steamy reads.

So, naturally, I’m over at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association* (SFWA) blog talking about both.

SFWA has a new writing craft series focused on the intersection of SFF and romance, and my post 5 Ways Fighting and Kissing Scenes are the Same is part of it.

ROMANCING SFF: 5 Ways Fighting and Kissing Scenes Are the Same

By Chelsea Mueller

There’s significant power in fighting and kissing scenes. When done well, they’re often reader favorites. Look at how readers talk about stories with excellent fights or swoonworthy sex, and you’ll see them call out these scenes specifically. In books that bring violence and romance to the page well, readers may even praise them with the same words, using descriptors such as “powerful” and “heart-pounding” for both. 

* If you’re like “I didn’t think that’s what SFWA stood for, you’re probably not wrong! The organization changed its name this month from Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America to the more globally inclusive Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association.

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