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Chelsea writes fantasy, thriller, and horror books. It’s gritty, it’s character driven, and it’s got serious sexual tension. (You’re welcome.)

Find current and upcoming releases below, in series order.


Clean Air and Dark Secrets

Cloud Nine is a near-future SF story filled with so many things I love: strong female leads, dystopian vibes, and kissing in the middle of a fight (maybe?!). So basically, your Chelsea Mueller starter package. 


Murder. Making out. Twists.

If your tastes run Heathers, you’ll want Casual Conversations About Love and Murder on your TBR. Need a fast-paced read with slasher vibes? Go with Prom House


Welcome to Gem City, where you can sin without consequence… for a price. 

In Chelsea Mueller’s critically acclaimed Soul Charmer series heroine Callie Delgado is a repo-woman for rented souls. Soul magic leads to murder in this gritty urban fantasy, and it all begins with Borrowed Souls


“The first book in an already promising series . . . Borrowed Souls combines classic and modern fantasy elements in a fresh take on the genre; readers who like dark worlds and compelling heroines will enjoy this smooth read.”


"Chelsea Mueller's BORROWED SOULS is do not miss, fantastic urban fantasy featuring a unique world and complicated characters."

Lauren Dane

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

"Mueller's debut will leave readers reaching for the sequel. Gritty realism, pitch perfect characters and a heavy dose of red hot sex. What more could you ask for?"

Shannon Mayer

Bestselling Author of the Rylee Adamson Series

"This is a terrific world with an unlikely heroine, quiet and determined, with a pure heart and fiery will to protect her family. The hero, Derek, is big, tough, morally ambiguous and utterly delicious.
I think this is the start to a fabulous new series. Definitely recommend!"
Jeffe Kennedy

Author of the Mark of the Tala Series

"Gripping...BORROWED SOULS sucked me in from the very first page and didn't let go."

JC Daniels

Author of the Colbana Files

"The perfect urban fantasy cocktail. Spectacular world-building and a badass heroine."

Shawntelle Madison

Author of COVETED

"Snappy, snarky, and oh-so-sexy, Borrowed Souls is one for the keeper shelf! It's the stellar writing and sharp storytelling that makes this book a standout hit. Trust me, one-click the heck outta this s#*T!"

Darynda Jones

New York Times Bestselling Author of the Charley Davidson Series

“Mueller explores an intriguing concept in a seedy, visceral setting that pops to life on the page.”

Publisher's Weekly

“A fun, witty, fast-paced ride . . . Stellar work from Mueller! Looking forward to more from her in the future.”

RT Book Reviews

"Fun, heartfelt, and wildly creative, Borrowed Souls packs a new brand of punch in a debut urban fantasy with a soulful twist on magic. Determined heroine Callie Delgado will do anything to save her brother from the mob, including a deal with a devilish man, and working with a brooding stranger who is sin in a leather jacket. Author Chelsea Mueller brings a new and exciting voice to the UF genre."

Kelly Meding

Author of the Dreg City Series

"Fans of UF aren't going to want to miss this debut novel by Chelsea Mueller! The world building is rich and vibrant and the characters are multi-dimensional. The story is faced paced and engaging with tons of great action, snarky dialog, and just enough steamy romance to make it well-rounded story. If you're a fan of the Alex Craft series by Kalayna Price, or the Mercy Thomson series, by Patricia Briggs, you'll love BORROWED SOULS. I can't wait for the next installment!"

Amanda Bonilla

Author of the Shaede Assassin Series


Geeky Giving shares exclusive short stories and artwork to raise funds to advance neurological research for Parkinson’s, ALS, TBI, brain tumors and more. The organization was founded by Chelsea Mueller and Christina Vanoverbeke, and all funds go directly to Barrow Neurological Foundation. Learn more at
Geeky Giving February 2016 Cover Art

Geeky Giving February 2016

This charity anthology features stories by Mary Robinette Kowal, Karina Cooper, Edward Ashton, and Sierra Dean. Edited by Chelsea Mueller & Christina Vanoverbeke.

Geeky Giving April 2016 featuring stories by Amanda Bonilla, JY Yang, and KB Spangler

Geeky Giving March 2016

This charity anthology features stories by Amanda Bonilla, JY Yang, and KB Spangler. Edited by Chelsea Mueller & Christina Vanoverbeke.
Geeky Giving March 2016 Cover Art

Geeky Giving March 2016

This charity anthology features stories by Michael J. Martinez, A.C. Wise, Robert Lowell Russell, and Jeff Somers. Edited by Chelsea Mueller & Christina Vanoverbeke.

Geeky Giving May 2016 Anthology

Geeky Giving May 2016

This charity anthology features stories by Shaun David Hutchinson, Heather Clitheroe, James Knapp and Ryan Britt. Edited by Chelsea Mueller & Christina Vanoverbeke.

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