Doing something good for others can outweigh all the bad in you week.

My week included an error at the dentist straight out of a horror movie, and required multiple followups throughout the week. Epic bruising on my cheek was not from Krav Maga, but I was pleased my coworkers wanted to pretend so. Then, perhaps in a twist on misery loves company, one of my dogs — the 65 lb. hound — managed to go face first into the stairs of our deck. In fairness, those squirrels were ganging up on him. He tore the frenulum attaching his lower lip. Emergency trip to the vet, anesthesia and stitches were all required. Now he’s groaning and on soft dog food for a few days.

And despite that today I feel remarkable.

This last week I ran a several auctions on my book review blog to raise money for brain cancer research in my father’s memory. Author friends donated the most amazing prizes from huge lots of signed books to character names and more. And people bid. And bid. And when I tallied things up this morning — without including matching or direct donations to the charity — we had raised more than $4,000.

Never doubt the number of generous, kind people in the world. And don’t be surprised when so many of them are part of the book community.

If you’re having a rotten week, try giving back. It doesn’t need to be your money, but your time. I’m going to do the same, because I’m sitting on my couch with a large bruise on my cheek and a whining, stitched up pup and all I can think about his how amazing people are.


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