If you read my TV posts and recaps over at Heroes & Heartbreakers, then you know I’m a ‘shipper. I don’t need a TV show to have a romance in order to wish for one. This mostly applies to Ollie and Felicity on Arrow, which I’m totally willing to wait a really long time for.

I waited seasons and seasons for Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries, I can manage longer to see movement on the Olicity ‘ship.

So, I was kind of excited when my friend Megan S. from Stellar Four reached out about the ‘ships that don’t work. Granted, this is in the wake of J.K. Rowling’s (unnecessary) note that she doesn’t think she should have paired Ron and Hermione up. Megan put together a poll—with suggested failed pairings—on Stellar Four.

Now, before you click on over to Stellar Four, a couple notes. First, I really do think Laurel and Oliver on Arrow have zero chemistry. I’ve heard they’re amazing together in the comic books, but let’s get real and say she’s a big bore on the show and every time they are together I just yawn. He’s got such great chemistry with nearly everyone else (including Felicity Smoak, but that’s a different conversation).

That was my contribution to the post. However, I noticed that there were two ‘ships on there which I fully support. The first is Starbuck and Apollo from Battlestar Galactica. (I’m actually wearing a Viper pilot shirt right now that includes the message “nothing but the rain.”) I do not comprehend not ‘shipping these two. Just. Nom. That was a very long wait, but their journeys were worth it. Also: Jamie Bamber. Swoon.

The other one on the list I have issue with is Bella and Edward from Twilight. Here’s the deal: All societal implications, messages, over-saturation, etc. aside, those two had mega chemistry. I’m just going to post a clip here, and then you tell me if you don’t see chemistry.

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