Most Mondays I’ve been sharing my favorite coffee mugs on Instagram and hoping to jumpstart the week with caffeine, wordage, and goal setting. I heard a few of you really like these posts, but also really don’t like Instagram. So, more blog posts coming your way, y’all.

Today I want to center the week around a very important reminder: WRITE YOUR WAY.

There’s a ton of writing advice on the internet. But it is information on the internet, which means plenty of it is total garbage.

You don’t have to write every day.

You don’t have to outline.

You don’t have to fast draft.

You don’t have to fill out character sheets.

You don’t have to like Save the Cat.

You don’t have to….

You can do those things, but only do them if they work for you. Trying to force your style, your voice, your project into someone else’s method can just lead to a lot of frustration. 

TL;DR You do you.

For me every book is different. Some I don’t plot at all (Borrowed Souls). Others are carefully planned (Prom House). For the book I’m currently writing, I did a very detailed outline before writing. I planned to stick to it! And then I brainstormed with my agent, started editing the timeline, and finally, threw the whole thing out, and am moving forward with an even better iteration that I 100% did not write down. 

Today I’m reminding myself that I don’t have to write in order. I can jump to the scene that’s been buzzing in the back of my mind all weekend, even though it’ll be closer to the end of the book. It’s better to get those words on the page now, while I’m excited, than to focus on the next chapter I was “supposed to” write. 

What writing “advice” are you ignoring today?

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