Sometimes an off-hand joke is just for a momentary laugh. Other times, we run with it. Today is the latter. An agent tweeted today about how by accepting email queries, they’ve lost the ability to scan ahead of time for the “special” packages. I joked this was clearly him requesting a query comprised of gifs. Now, while I would never actually send in a query in gif format—particularly as my books aren’t light-hearted romps—I sure couldn’t resist the temptation to retell the summary for Cloud Nine via gifs and an occasional photo.


The sky is green and the earth long ago turned black, and Ally Ramsey likes it that way.

Breathing is overrated

She doesn’t mind if the air does this to her:

What is air?!

It’s home.

I'm just sayin'

She doesn’t trust her acceptance to the Clear Air Development program.

Yeah. No.

Even as her mom sings its praises and her sister quickly becomes the teens-only station’s social director, Ally’s gut tells her not to trust anyone.

Thank you for your input

Sure, the food is richer.


The air doesn’t burn her skin.

Well, yes...

And the sun is straight up magnificent.


The propaganda got that part right.

Jack x3

They left out the cost for her salvation. And Ally won’t pay.

Wonder Woman says, "Hell no!"

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