I adore Nalini Singh. She’s a smart, witty, and kind person…and she writes phenomenal books. While I’ve enjoyed all of Nalini’s series—and the woman has a lot—her Guild Hunter novels have always been my most favorite.

The worldbuilding here—archangels ruling lands, turning vampires for a debt of servitude, a human contingent who keeps rogue vampires in line—is complex without ever being overwhelming. It’s a rare feat. What’s even more remarkable? She adds fresh layers to this world with each book that immerse you deeper and deeper into the world even as it expands and changes.

Plus they’re sexy as hell and have some of my favorite enemies-to-lovers pairings.

Archangel's War by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter #12)

The newest Guild Hunter book Archangel’s War is out today. It’s the twelfth in the series and everything has built up to this point. (The series isn’t over, but this is a big arc finding resolution.) It isn’t a book you can read without the rest, but if you were in shock at the end of Archangel’s Prophecy and need to know where we’re going:

Archangel’s War is holy shit good.

Nalini Singh continues to wow me with every book, and Archangel’s War is no exception. The work put in to the previous books pays off BIG, and she opens such exciting new paths for the future novels.

Emotional gut punch and big action? SOLD.

I highly recommend you pick up your copy of Archangel’s War. And if you aren’t already a Guild Hunter fan, it’s time to pick up book 1 Angels’ Blood.

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