Did y’all miss me? While I’ve been chatting with many of you on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the blog has been quiet. Usually I’m quick to give everyone updates, but this year (we can all agree that 2020 has been an entire year already, right?) has been bananas busy for me.

So, I have a few updates and a stack of book recs…because of course I do.

Yes, more books are coming.

That’s part of why I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been head-down on this ridiculously fun, fast-paced YA thriller. I just turned in edits on it this month to my new editor, and am really excited about getting to share it with you. Unfortunately, the details are still in the top-secret publishing vault (thanks, COVID-19 for slowing down our announcements), but as soon as I get the okay to give you the details, I will.

Until then, I can tell you the book is all murder and kissing. So, super on brand.

If you haven’t watched Elite on Netflix, you don’t know why this is so appropriate, but OMG yes.

I’ve also turned in a proposal to my agent for another YA thriller with some holy-shit-how-is-that-real science (I can’t help myself) and wayyy more kissing (again, I can’t help myself).

…and if you’re waiting on more Soul Charmer, I have about a third of the next book written, but contracted books come first. Also, one other thing that’s adjusting my priorities right now…

I’m growing a human.

Yep! If ApollyCon hadn’t had to go virtual this year, there would be plenty of book signing pictures of me with a nice, round baby belly. I’m pregnant with my first (!) child, and due in about six weeks.

The baby’s bookshelf is already getting great titles from all the unofficial bookish aunties. It’s pretty epic.

I hadn’t planned to attend any other events in 2020 because of the new little one, but then Coronavirus came in and canceled most programming anyway. If I have opportunities for virtual conventions, though, I’ll happily join. So let me know if you want me to Skype or Zoom into your book club or event.

I’m hopeful that should it be safe in 2021 that I’ll be back getting to see you face-to-face. I might even bring some tiny adorableness with me. Who knows?

Now about those book recs…

I’ve been reading during pregnancy insomnia bouts, and have found some seriously good reads. Two that are about to release and two more that are already out. (Note: Some links may be affiliate links, meaning I get a small payment from the vendor if you buy the book.)

Starbreaker by Amanda Bouchet (Endeavor #2)

STARBREAKER by Amanda Bouchet

I’ve talked about how much I adore Amanda Bouchet’s books before. In fact, I blurbed Nightchaser, the first in her sexy sci-fi Endeavor series. Starbreaker is the sequel and if you were already shipping Tess and Shade hard, you’re going to be over the moon with this book.

Kickass fight scenes, big worldbuilding growth and even bigger character growth. Plus, you need more sexy reads right now, and Amanda Bouchet delivers on the sexy.

Starbreaker releases April 28, 2020. Preorder it from Amazon or BookShop.

Cold Iron Heart by Melissa Marr (A Wicked Lovely Novel)

COLD IRON HEART by Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr has a way with atmosphere in a book. She has so many favorites on my shelf, but she’s going back to the world you’re all familiar with: her Wicked Lovely world.

If you loved her Faery Courts, hold on because Cold Iron Heart goes there a century before the mortals in Wicked Lovely are born. And, honestly, probably all I need to tell you is this is Irial’s story set in New Orleans and you’re sold, right? Gah. So good.

Cold Iron Heart releases on May 4, 2020. Preorder it from Amazon, Murder by the Book, or BookShop.

Ink in the Blood by Kim Smejkal

INK IN THE BLOOD by Kim Smejkal

This book is about community and friendship and owning your future in whatever way you can. And I absolutely loved it.

Magic tattoos and running away to the circus was enough to put Ink in the Blood on my radar, but the clever world building and constant surprises—both in character and plot—kept me turning the pages.

I wasn’t prepared for how badly I’d fall for the Plague Doctor* in this. I was even less prepared for how much harder I’d ship friendships.

*So, Plague Doctor has a real name, too, but mostly does go by that name and does wear the mask you’re picturing. It’s no longer weird to ‘ship the guy in the mask with the protagonist.

Ink in the Blood is out now and you can order a copy at Amazon or BookShop.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer


I glommed this book. Not only did I immediately want to ship the mortal Harper and the cursed Rhen, but I loved them separately, too. Harper is a delight, and her voice drove this story (and made me stay up way past my bedtime).

Beauty and the Beast retellings can be tricky to make feel fresh, but Brigid Kemmerer did just that. A Curse So Dark and Lonely is captivating from the first page, and allows both Harper and Rhen surprise one another along the way.

If you’ve been sleeping on this one, it’s time to dive in.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely is out now and you can order a copy from Amazon or BookShop.

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