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Chelsea Mueller writes gritty, twisty fantasy and thriller novels for adults and teens. 

She loves bad cover songs, good fight scenes, and every soapy YA drama Netflix can put in her queue. Chelsea lives in Texas and has been known to say y’all.

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Cover art for Cloud Nine by Chelsea Mueller (Cloud Nine #1)

If you ‘ship Rose & Dimitri from Vampire Academy, loved The 100, or are all about the morally grey gooey stories, this YA SFF romance is your jam.

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Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller (Soul Charmer #1)

A young woman with a brother who can’t stay out of trouble dives head first into the grimy world of soul renting in this action-packed and sexy urban fantasy debut.

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SFWA: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association

Let’s Talk About Fighting and Kissing Scenes

ROMANCING SFF: 5 Ways Fighting and Kissing Scenes Are the Same
By Chelsea Mueller
There’s significant power in fighting and kissing scenes. When done well, they’re often reader favorites. Look at how readers talk about stories with excellent fights or swoonworthy sex, and you’ll see them call out these scenes specifically. In books that bring violence and romance to the page well, readers may even praise them with the same words, using descriptors such as “powerful” and “heart-pounding” for both. 

Some Friendships Fade. Ours Was Murdered.

Publisher’s Weekly says Casual Conversations “will enthrall.” Woohoo!

Delighted to see Publisher's Weekly chose to review Casual Conversations About Love and Murder...and LIKED IT. In part they said: "Emma’s righteous anger, frustration, and determination are palpable, making for a take-charge heroine. Mueller’s winding thriller will...
Some Friendships Fade. Ours Was Murdered.

Casual Conversations About Love and Murder is out today!

Casual Conversations About Love and Murder is officially out today. You can get print or ebooks at your favorite bookseller (I've linked to a few below to make everyone's lives easier). I love this book and am so excited to hear what y'all think. If you like:...
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Write Like a Fighter

Need a character- and plot-driven fight scene that’s still badass? Read my advice for scenes that pack both a literal and proverbial punch.

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The Books

Get all the details about Chelsea’s latest projects, including the critically acclaimed, gritty urban fantasy novel Borrowed Souls

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