We’re one week away from Rogue Souls release, and I’m pretty pumped. The early reviews have been great so far. Here’s a few teases:

I loved it! I will be getting it in paper when it comes out to go on the shelf with the first book. If you like an adult urban paranormal book you will like this novel! I think YA fans would enjoy this book as well. – Jana @ the.stars.that.listen

You’re getting answers about how soul magic works in this book….

I really enjoyed learning more about this world, about the souls and some of the secrets – Melliane @ Between Dreams and Reality (She also reviews in French!)

…and Kelly from Reading the Paranormal needed to give Derek some mega love before diving into her 5-star review:

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the review, I’m just going to point out that Callie is insanely lucky to have Derek on her side. Not only is he pretty badass physically, but he continually puts her well-being above anyone else’s and Callie needs that. BAD. I mean, her family is kinda messed up (a lot messed up, actually) and she’s neck deep in souls and other visceral things that are dragging her down and Derek’s support keeps her going. – Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

If you’re in the U.S. this week is weird with a holiday stuck in the middle. Weird work weeks warrant rewards… like how about I just give you the whole first chapter of Rogue Souls to read right now? No downloading. No email exchange. Just hit the link below and read all of Chapter One. Report back, as so inclined, and don’t forget the $2.99 pre-order deal is still in effect.


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