When one of my friends read the first draft of Winter Begins she told me she was sure the heroine, Winter, was a teenage version of me.

My response was somewhere between a guffaw and a snort. Very classy. Winter is at times cooler than I was and at others geekier than I could ever hope to be. (Geek icon status aside.)

While I may bust out the PS3 for video game fun, my idea of a good game involves puzzles, strategy and not needing to make frequent camera angle changes. This means Portal, Civilization and the like get frequent play at Casa de Mueller.

Winter, though, she loves the first-person shooter games. She would have pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 and been online later that night complaining about the ending. She’d dig into the Bioshock games. She’d revel in the wicked weaponry options.

One thing Winter and I do have in common is expansive music tastes. We’re picky, but not always genre-specific. She gets that from me. However, there are songs she would adore that I just can’t back. For example, fun.’s single “We Are Young” is catchy as sin. (There’s a reason it’s in a commercial.) Winter would paint her toenails while humming along to that song. For me, it sounds too much like someone was trying to write what is popular.

That said, both Winter and I would sing along to this one every single time:


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