I’ve been pinging all over the United States the last several weeks. New York twice. Seattle. Santa Fe. Good thing I write well in hotel rooms. While I’m prepping to fly to Florida for Olde City New Blood mini-convention this weekend, I had to take a little time to squee over the latest news about the Vampire Academy movie.

If you didn’t hear, the film is actually moving forward and has actors cast for the three main roles. I shared the photo of Danila Kozlovski, the person cast as Dimitri, on Facebook and was surprised how many people hated on the poor guy. They cast a Russian actor to play him. A real Russian accent! How can we be sad about that?

As such, I had to take a little time to talk everyone back from the ledge. Read my It’s Going to Be Okay post over at Heroes & Heartbreakers.

On a side note: I have a serious love for Russian names.

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