Usually I’m all about the book recommendations, but today I want to talk TV.

Have any of you been watching The Gifted on FOX? It’s set in the X-Men universe, which would normally be enough to grab my attention. I’m a little burned out on superheroes (I didn’t think it was possible either), so I went into this one rather exhausted from the outset. However, it brought the kind of freshness I want from Marvel. Instead of being another “let’s beat the big bad” story, The Gifted is heavily focused on the character journey. This is a story of outcasts and survival and family (both biological and found). It’s got me completely hooked. If you’re a ‘shipper, its jam-packed with OTP catnip. I wrote about the ‘ship options over at Heroes & Heartbreakers—but for the record my OTP is Blink and Johnny. I shouldn’t want it, but I do.

Jughead Jones - RiverdaleI binged Season 1 of Riverdale on Netflix early in the year (it’s still on there), and now am watching each Season 2 episode live. I’m super hooked on this YA crime noir, but I have to admit I wish I could fly through the episodes in Season 2 with the same speed as Season 1. It’s engaging, so I want to see what happens, but I also think the overall storyline will lend itself to the hyper indulgence of seeing a full season over a long weekend. If you’re so inclined. Anyone else sucked in with this one? I didn’t expect to be so Team Jughead Jones, but it’s a thing and I’m here for it.

Speaking of Netflix, I glommed the entirety of Mind Hunter on a flight home from Germany in October. It’s based around the FBI’s behavioral science division and the process they went through to develop criminal profiles. More specifically: A couple FBI agents start interviewing serial killers, and end up coining the term. It’s a dark one, but so good.

Also: Stranger Things 2 happened. No spoilers, but I’m going to leave this picture here for those of you who have seen the season to enjoy.

Steve's Scary Situation - Babysitter's Club - Stranger Things


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