It’s almost time for all the SyFy channel series premieres. I am very happy. (My husband is concerned about the Time of a Million DVR Conflicts.) Not only are they bringing back favorites like Being Human and Lost Girl, but there is a TV adaptation of Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten. I am all kinds of excited about it, and the science nerd in me is also cautiously optimistic about Helix.

I spent a little time prepping everyone at Heroes & Heartbreakers about these news shows, in the format that’s best there: Top 5 hotties, of course.

January means new beginnings, resolutions and the end of re-runs on television. Specifically, it’s the month SyFy starts bringing back many of our favorite shows. The network has found its niche of giving us edgy supernatural shows with depth, and we can’t get enough. Better yet, they’re bringing two new shows to the small screen this month that look stellar.

And while, of course, we love the strong character arcs and the clever plots on shows like Lost Girl and Being Human… well, we like the—ahem—visual stimulation, too.

We’re about to get supernaturally prurient on you. It’s time to delve into the Top 5 SyFy Man-Candy Morsels for 2014. Keep reading Top 5 SyFy Man-Candy Morsels for 2014: Lost Girl, Bitten, Being Human, and Helix over at H&H

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