It’s not a secret to anyone who has met me or followed me on any social media channel that I love to give book recommendations. Sometimes it gets harder when someone is just starting to get into reading for pleasure or is wary about starting a new genre.

When I tell people I write urban fantasy, I get the occasional head tilt of confusion. I’ll ask if they’ve seen Grimm or True Blood, and when they respond enthusiastically, I tell them they already love urban fantasy.

Which is exactly how my post for PopSugar was born. I’ve picked five shows (okay, one’s a movie) that fall into the urban fantasy genre, and gave book recs based on each. Some of the books are newer, some are classic urban fantasy. All of them are damn good.

Head over to PopSugar to get your daily dose of book recs from yours truly, including double recs for Supernatural fans!

Cas Approves!

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