Last night’s The Vampire Diaries gave birth to Creepy Alaric. Sure, the ending last week suggested he might be losing his mind a bit, but that came from Meredith. This week we found out she was right. And she got stabbed for her troubles. Elena really has the worst luck with parental figures. She loses Jenna and now Alaric is giving us the evil eye when he’s possessed.

I recapped last night’s episode for Heroes & Heartbreakers. The post is full of spoiler goodness and focuses heavily on the relationship progressions. That means updates on Stefan and Elena and the weird Damon/Rebekkah thing that leaves me so very conflicted.

The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Meredith

The women of Mystic Falls just can't catch a break.

Previously on The Vampire Diaries we saw Stefan try to go cold turkey on blood. He didn’t succeed. Alaric blacked out and went all Poltergiest killer. Maybe. Damon and Stefan went out for drinks and Rebekkah tagged along. Bonnie’s mom became a vampire.

This week’s episode had zero flashbacks and lots of shirtless Ian Somerhalder. So, you know, reason to watch it right there. It also had relationship progress for Stefan and Elena and Alaric looking creepy as hell.

Read the full recap at Heroes & Heartbreakers

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