After two big trips in 10 days, I’m finally back at home. I had a very fun blog post planned for this weekend, but a surprise trip to the northeast ate up blogging time. (Writing comes first, my friends.)

However, I’m not really in a situation to complain. My first trip was for the Authors After Dark convention in New Orleans. Five days of hilarity and OMG moments with some of my favorite bloggers and authors. I did a big wrap-up post with a stack of photos and signed book giveaway over at VBC.

I came home. Hugged the husband and the fur babies, then packed back up and flew into New Jersey. This trip was for the day job and involved lots of meetings. It was productive, but far less interesting to anyone not working for my company. Sorry.

This brings me to the ultra exhaustion/interesting part of the NYC/NJ trip. (Oh? there was a point?) I’ve often said the international terminal at any airport makes for fantastic people watching. Both Chicago’s O’Hare and Dallas-Ft. Worth International have provided more plot bunnies and potential characters than one can ever write down. However, the Newark airport on Friday was a remarkable study in how people behave in stress situations.

Flights get delayed. It happens. In Newark, there were so many flights that one delay trickled down until there were planes lined up waiting for an open gate. Those of us making connecting flights were less than thrilled. (I missed my original connection in St. Louis, in case you were wondering.)

For me, the answer here was to snag a seat next to a power outlet, connect into WiFi and get work done. Not like I was going anywhere. Others felt differently. Some checked their phones for updated times every minute. Others tried to sleep. A few tried to make friends with other delayed passengers via shared commiseration. All normal.

Then there was the guy who was unhappy the backup had meant all the seats at his gate were full. He didn’t vent to his fellow air travelers. He didn’t call his wife and tell her how he’d never fly this airline again. No, he tried to attack a gate agent. She called for security. A taser was employed to take him down.

Newark’s airport may have offered plenty of character ideas, but I’m going to pass on that guy. All yours, readers.

PS. That lovely image is from my cocktail hour work meeting on Thursday. The New York City skyline is always a stunner.

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