I recap TV shows for Heroes & Heartbreakers. This is not news. However, this season we decided not to recap The Vampire Diaries. I was surprised, too. However, y’all are welcome to tweet me about the episodes, because you know I’m keeping up. Also: Firmly Team Damon. This. Will. Not. Change.

Instead of spending Thursday nights writing about TV vampires, I’ve started spending Wednesdays with a shirtless superhero. My husband is supportive of this. (He’s a good husband.) My first recap of Arrow went up this week. If you’d like to gush about assassins, Stephen Amell’s abs, crossfit workout montages, Stephen Amell’s abs, the beginning of character development or Stephen Amell’s abs, then I suggest you check out the recap.

All kidding aside, the show is more than shirtless men. It has a quick pace and what, so far, has been an engaging plot. Are you watching Arrow? If not, is it because of a DVR conflict, because I have tips for that.

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