The holidays have kept me busy, busy, busy as always. I’m starting new books, expecting edits on books this month, and feeling generally ready to stomp into 2018 and claim a little station of goodness for the year.

Recently, Nalini Singh and I were invited to (virtually) sit down and chat about writing, the world, and publishing life by the lovely ladies at Scandalicious Book Reviews. Since I adore Nalini, I said yes immediately The post is now live as part of the “Words of Wisdom” series, and it was an absolute blast for me. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Also shout-outs to those awesome bloggers who included Borrowed Souls in their Best of 2017 lists including Danya at Fine Print, Sara at Red Hot Books, Angela at Fiction Vixen, Jennifer at The Book Nympho, and Jo at Vampire Book Club. And Jennifer from The Book Nympho also named Callie the best female main character in 2017. How rad is that? (Tag me on social and I’ll be happy to share the posts.)

While 2017 wasn’t a global success (ha!), it was a wonderful year for me because of the support and welcome for Borrowed Souls. I can’t wait to get to share more books with you soon (details as soon as I’m allowed to share them).

Angie H. was the big winner of my Thanksgiving giveaway, and she’s already tearing through that huge pile of books. The fifteen titles I sent her are all stacked up on a shelf, and she was kind enough to share a picture of them all cozy at her place (below).

Reader Angie's Winner's Photo of All the Books!

Finally, if you haven’t already signed up to attend Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, get on it. It’ll be a blast, and you’ll have lots of time to hang out with your favorite authors. Sure, I’m there, but Amanda Bouchet and C.L. Wilson will be there, too, plus LOTS of other awesome folk. Plus, flights to Florida are cheap, and going to beach at the end of February (Feb. 22-25, to be exact) is a welcome reprieve from the cold for many of us.

Coastal Magic Convention 2018

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