If you’d love personalized copies of my Soul Charmer books, now’s the time!

I’ll be at ApollyCon later this year. (Later as in super soon, because it’s 2019 now! Ahhh!) If you didn’t score tickets to the event, no worries. You can still get signed Soul Charmer books, because ApollyCon’s Virtual Signing runs through Jan. 15.

That means you can order online, and the signed books come to you. It’s like Instacart, but instead of groceries you get signed books. Okay, and it’s not same-day. But books!

I’ll sign—and personalize—Soul Charmer books at ApollyCon, and then your autographed books will be mailed to you. So easy! But you have to get your orders in ASAP. The store closes in just over a week.

Order Signed Books!


If you’re a book reviewer and want to review Lost Souls, here’s the request form.

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