Just kidding. It’s been completely bananas around here since the release of Borrowed Souls on May 2. Okay, going to the RT Convention probably didn’t quell the crazy. It’s all been delightful, though. I’ve been remiss in sharing all the news and photos, which makes today catch-up day!

So let’s hit all the big questions, and then if you have other questions leverage that comment box like a boss. Deal?

Are you working on book two and when does it come out?

This is the question I’m getting most, which is awesome because it means y’all fell in love with Callie and Derek and want more. Me, too. I am working on it.

The second Soul Charmer novel is tentatively titled Stolen Souls, and I’m silly excited about it. More magic and more mayhem. I do not have a release date yet. The more people pick up the book, though, the sooner we may get a publishing date. So, thank you for the support, and I’ll keep you posted!

I know it’s urban fantasy, but is there an HEA or HFN?

I’ve got you, Romancelandia. It’s a happily-for-now (HFN), because it’s a series with the same characters, but people are safe/together at the end.

Can I still get a signed copy?

Yep! I have a handful of events coming up in the next month, but you also still have time to order a signed copy from Murder by the Book in Houston. I’ll be signing there this Saturday, May 20. So get your orders in, and I’ll sign them. Murder by the Book ships internationally.

Where are the RT Convention photos?

Instagram and Facebook, y’all. You can find photos from RT Convention (like the Geeks Who Drink event) and last weekend’s book signing at Half Price Books over there now. Expect some more from Murder by the Book this weekend.

What are reviewers saying?

While the Books page on this site has lots of the reviews—mostly from authors and trade publications—lots of great blogs took the time to review Borrowed Souls. Here’s a roundup:

Corrina Lawson at Barnes & Noble’s Sci-Fi Blog:

“Callie Delgado, star of Borrowed Souls, which launches Chelsea Mueller’s Soul Charmer series, has many of the qualities of her contemporaries: an unexpected ability with magic, an attraction to a mysterious leading man, and an animosity toward antagonists who want to use or abuse her hidden power. But instead of reacting with snark or putting up a great front, Callie is vulnerable.”

Carol Malcolm at Heroes & Heartbreakers:

“Mueller pulls off a seamless blend of distinctive premise, clear characterization, thrilling action, and spot-on humor while telling a nuanced story about a family whose tale proves reflective of a broken society.”

Tori at SmexyBooks

“If you looking for something beyond the usual shifters, mages, and vampires in your urban fantasy then Chelsea Mueller has the perfect read for you.”

Danya at Fine Print:

“I was completely charmed by BORROWED SOULS, and I haven’t been this excited about a new traditional urban fantasy series in a long time. Congratulations to Chelsea Mueller, she’s got a hit on her hands!”

Carmel at Rabid Reads

Scandal at Scandalicious Book Reviews

Angela at Fiction Vixen

Melliane at Between Dreams and Reality

Felicia at The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog

Jennifer at The Book Nympho

Melissa at Lily Element

Jen at Red Hot Books

Jen at That’s What I’m Talking About

Patti at Parajunkee

Anything else cool going on?

Lots. 🙂

I’m giving out some of my favorite book recommendations over at the Half Price Books blog. Everything from nonfiction (but with ghosts) to sci-fi to steamy PNR to great urban fantasy. Let me know which ones you’ve read!

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