Author Marketing Help Desk with Chelsea MuellerI spent this last Saturday in St. Louis with the wonderful Missouri Romance Writers of America chapter presenting my Deep Dive into Digital Marketing presentation. I do quite a bit of speaking for both my day job and on the author front, and it’s always a delight when people have good questions. And this group brought out the stellar ones. Questions about when and how to marry Bookbub Featured Deals with display ads. Questions about website “tagging” (Schema markup).

Basically my marketing nerd brain was delighted to get to go deep on Digital Marketing tools and functionalities for these great authors.

While most of my digital marketing tips and tricks are saved for those in-person presentations (feel free to reach out if you’d like me to speak to your group), one of the pieces I focus on is the power of your author newsletter.

See some good ones in action—what works for each author and their targeted audience—by subscribing to some of the best. I suggest joining these:

  • Nalini Singh – She breaks the rules on how long emails should be, but her content is outstanding and she connects with her readers in a way that makes subscribers feel important and included.
  • Susan Dennard – She pulls back the publishing veil and gives readers a look at the writing process, tips, and exclusive content for her Witchlands fans. She teaches and engages. It’s never a “buy my book” email from Sooz.
  • Annika Martin – Her emails are basically like getting an email from your friend. They’re funny and direct and match the voice you expect in her books. Plus, she usually tells you about great deals on books she loves.

I also managed to squeeze in some commentary about bearded Chris Evans (because of course) and stayed after to sign copies of Borrowed Souls while with the MORWA group.

Bearded Chris Evans


Everyone says you should market your book online, but no one tells you where to start. Let’s change that.

We’ll start by covering what you must have on your website, which social media channels have the best “bang for your buck” depending on demographics, profiles you need to grab and more basics. Then it’s time for the good stuff. The tricks. The tactics. The money makers. We’ll dive into more advanced marketing including how to segment your list to improve return and increase attendance at events, how to target ads (AMS, Facebook, Instagram, BookBub, Google, etc.) to increase your return on investment, important tips before selling direct to readers on your website, and what you need to know about GDPR. (Yes, you’ll be able to ask all the questions you want!)

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