I love to see movies with strong female characters. I love them even more when those women are the lead characters. It doesn’t happen near enough. Maybe this is why we see so many speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, paranormal, etc.) books with women who know how to run the show.

Genre fiction is ahead of the curve here when compared to movies, even genre films. But maybe Hollywood is catching on. We’ve seen great main and secondary characters in action films of late. Think: Katniss, Black Widow, Catwoman. I’m over at Heroes & Heartbreakers talking about this and suggesting four no-holds-barred women from book pages that would make amazing heroines in action movies.

While I kept the choices to books from the adult section of the bookstore, once could easily add Vampire Academy’s Rose Hathaway, Firelight’s Jacinda and The Immortal Rules‘ Allison to the list.

What YA protagonist could you see leading an action film?


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