I’m back from the Borrowed Souls book tour, and come bearing pictures, book recs, and playlist highlights for Stolen Souls.

First, can I say, y’all are amazing. It was so wonderful getting to meet many of you at the book signings in May and June. From the first solo signing at Dallas’s Half Price Books mothership store (where I also wrote a post chock-full of book recs of every flavor) to Houston’s Murder by the Book, Phoenix’s Changing Hands, and Austin’s BookPeople, the questions kept me on my toes. Especially as more of you read the book! (FYI: Amazon lowered the Kindle price this week, but I don’t know for how long.)

Chelsea Mueller Book Signing in Phoenix at Changing Hands

Quality time at Changing Hands in Phoenix.

A few favorite questions:

Who would you cast as Callie and Derek if there was a Borrowed Souls movie?

My answer: Lindsay Morgan (The 100) is who I pictured when writing Callie Delgado. Derek is more a mix of Tyler Hoechlin (circa his werewolf-y days on Teen Wolf) and Joe Manganiello (mostly for size).

How does the Soul Charmer get those souls into jars?

My answer: That’s a Stolen Souls spoiler. Big time. Expect answers about how to work soul magic in book two.

You want to punch Josh, too, right?

My answer (following copious laughter): Yes, but Callie wouldn’t let me.

My last book signing stop was at BookPeople in Austin, and I roadtripped down and back solo. That meant it was audiobook time. After soliciting recommendations (shout-outs to Jessie, Nita, and Felicia), I decided to listen to Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys on audio. …and it’s so ridiculously good I will be lamenting not starting sooner for weeks and weeks. I’m now listening to the second book The Dream Thieves on my commute. It is also super, super good.

In other book rec news, I reviewed Jeaniene Frost’s latest The Sweetest Burn at Heroes & Heartbreakers this week. It’s that perfect chemistry read that will keep you glued to the pages. I actually liked it even more than The Beautiful Ashes, which is saying something.

I’m working steadily on Stolen Souls, and might be even more in love with the Soul Charmer characters today than I was this time last year. I didn’t think that was possible.

I’ve been building out the Stolen Souls playlist to put me in the right headspace both for the book and the series. It’s interesting to see the tonal shift from Borrowed Souls (book 1) playlist to the sequel. There’s still a Bad Religion song (this time, it’s “Sinister Rouge”), but it’s a more eclectic mix now. More voices, more nuance, I suppose.

The most recent addition is K.Flay’s “Can’t Sleep,” which I think Callie would both love and hate for its honesty. Embedding below for your enjoyment.

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. Fill me in, readers! What books are your currently reading or recommending? Any Borrowed Souls questions burning in the backs of your minds? Hit me in the comments!


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