I am currently reading four different books. Four. This is exceptional as I’m typically a one-book-at-a-time lady. No cheating on my protagonists. Somehow this month I’ve found myself drawn in many different directions.

Opening of This Savage Song

When the opening of a book is this good, you have to Instagram it. From THIS SAVAGE SONG.

I’m finishing up This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab, which is fantastic. She’s one of my favorite authors right now, and an auto-buy for me.

I’m at the very, very end of reading an ARC of Joanna Wylde’s Reaper’s Fire, which I don’t really love as much as the other books in the series, and I’m struggling to decide if that’s me or the book. The character development is spot-on, as it is in all her works, which is part of why I’m looking at myself as the source of the slow-down toward the end of the book.

I’ve got an urban fantasy paperback by Jamie Schultz on my nightstand for bedtime reading, and it’s a good mix of fucked up and fascinating.

I started listening to Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel on audiobook on my commute today after a recommendation from the Bree half of Kit Rocha. I’m two chapters in, and already can say THIS IS MY JAM. Kind of makes me think of if they’d done something interesting and science-y with Super 8, but, again, I’m only a couple chapters in.

So, basically, I’m feeling very scattered reading wise right now. I’m working fast and furious on a new book right now (too early for details, but I love it so far), and I think it may be to blame for my short attention span and disparate interests. Which comes to my current dilemma: I’m itching for a re-read of Vampire Academy. A friend recently listened to my recommendation to pick up the books (they aren’t nearly as juvenile as the name indicates), and she’s on book five and I’m jealous of her getting to experience these character journeys for the first time.

Shadow Kiss by Richelle MeadYes. I have four books I’m currently reading, and now I want to dive back into familiar territory. Does anyone else get the re-read itch in the middle of reading lots of new things?

I’m not a huge re-reader. There are so many fascinating new stories out there to delve into, but I have my favorites: the Harry Potter series (especially Half-Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix) and the third Black Dagger Brotherhood book. I’ve re-read the Vampire Academy once, and it was just as brilliant the second go. The question is am I ready for the emotional onslaught and general knife-to-the-gut I’m going to experience while reading Rose and Dimitri’s journey again? Is it wrong to read YA while drinking lots of wine?

Do you re-read books? Which are you go-to selections? Do you do full series re-reads or just your favorite titles?


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